Thursday, March 1, 2012

Gibbs: The Poetics of Mind, overview of ch. 5 (1994)

Chapter 5 of Gibbs' book, "Understanding metaphorical expressions,"  surveys various theories of meaning which apply directly to metaphor.

This involves the usual list of authors that cognitive metaphor theorists refer to when they need to stick a name to a straw man position: Aristotle, Max Black, Richard Rorty, John Searle, etc.

The chapter contains the following sections:
  1. An untitled introduction (pp. 208-210)
  2. Aristotle on metaphor (pp. 210-211)
  3. I. A. Richard's contribution (pp. 211-212)
  4. The metaphor-as-comparison view (pp. 212-218)
  5. The metaphors-without-meaning view (pp. 218-222)
  6. Metaphor as anomaly (pp. 222-225)
  7. Metaphor and speech acts (pp. 225-230)
  8. The metaphor-as-loose-talk view (pp. 230-232)
  9. The interactive view (pp. 232-239)
  10. Psycholinguistics and the interactive view (pp. 239-248)
  11. Metaphor as conceptual structure (pp. 248-260)
  12. Metaphor and literature (pp. 260-261)
  13. Conclusion (pp. 261-264)
Note that sections 10 and 11 are longer than the rest. Together, these two sections constitute almost two fifths of the chapter.

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