Friday, September 26, 2014

David Publishing Co. is (also) a scam

Yet another unsolicited email from a predatory publishing company:
… we invite you to submit this paper and related research papers to Psychology Research.
The new journal of Psychology Research, an award-winning peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary periodicals published by David Publishing Company, New York, NY 10034, USA., since July, 2011, welcomes the submission of original manuscripts reporting innovations or investigations in the Psychology area. Successful general submission manuscripts may report interdisciplinary efforts or be of a sufficiently broad nature to be of interest to those centered in related disciplines. Manusripts reporting innovations or collaborations leading to enhancements in Psychology are of particular interest to Psychology Research.
If you have the idea of making our journals as vehicles for your research interests, please send your WORD format manuscripts (papers or books) through e-mails/submission system (for more details refer journal Web page). We appreciate your support.
We also seek researchers who have deep research in and outstanding contribution to Psychology area to be our reviewers/editors. Good review board has insightful understanding in Psychology field, and can provide professional suggestions to authors. Anyone who is interested in our journals can send us CV. We are looking forward to your contribution!
Sincerely yours,
Lily, R.
Editor OfficePsychology Research, ISSN 2159-5542
David Publishing Company 240 Nagle Avenue #15C, New York, NY 10034, USA.
Italics, boldface, and typos in the original.

Some comments by other people:


  1. I wrote to ask about the journal psychology research, and the answer is hilarious :). the website was hacked? seriously?

    Dear Mr/Ms ,

    Nice to get your email

    In fact, we are very sorry about these negative comments. They are come from some reasons: 1. Some authors are not willing to pay for the publication fee, then when we charged the fees, they think we are a scam. But because there is no sponsor for our journal, we have to charge some fees. Can you understand us? 2. Our publication plan sometimes has to be delayed because some authors returned their proofread papers to us late. Then some other authors have to wait for very long time to receive their journals, then they thought us cheated them. But finally, they all received the journals but they have alreay put the negative comments on the internet alrady. We can not know who have put the negative comments and they will not delete the comments though they received the journals finally. 3. Our website has been hacked many times and then some authors can not find our website, then they thought us as a scam. 4. You can find the list of our editorial board members and reviewers on our website. All the papers submitted to our journal will undergo peer reviewing process. And we have many reserved reviewers, they have not placed on our website, they must have examination and verification, then they can pass. And some reviewers have many other things and cannot serve with us at a later stage, and we have to replace them. Maybe there are some other reasons. But we will try to improve our service. Please understand us and support us. Thank you very much.

    Best regards,


    Lily, R.

    Psychology Research, ISSN 2159-5542

    David Publishing Company

  2. Thanks for the heads up - just gooogled to check these people are as scammy as they appear.